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What We Provide

Advisory Sessions & Program Development Workshops

Targeted ECHS Workshops : Implementation Support

Targeted workshops are approximately 2 hours and are geared to support team cultivate vision and strategy to meet key components of task area.

Outcome-Based Measure Workshops : Benchmark Support

Guided OBM support sessions are designed to serve as half-day to full day workshops addressing at minimum 2 benchmarks per session and are developed to specifically address components within each targeted benchmark.

Workshops We OfferCreation of Vision & Mission Statement for ECHS Development of ECHS Strategy & Implementation of PlanParameters of MOU & Functional Components WithinConcepts around Family Outreach & Engagement Formulation of Open-Access Lottery or Weighted LotteryRecruitment Planning - i.e. Marketing and Community Engagement EffortsDevelopment of Admission Policy & Enrollment Application & Student Confirmation

Gerenwood approaches in Early College High Schools in two areas: ECHS Implementation Support & ECHS Benchmark Support

Recruitment Planning

Strategy Implementation

Admission Policies

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General Questions

Whether familiar with our approach or not, here are some frequently asked questions about the industry we serve. If your question is not listed here, please contact us through our contact page or set up a consultation today.

The short answer is yes, the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school and save on future tuition costs can certainly be worth it.

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