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Gerenwood Advisors, LLC is an educational advisory firm that services schools and districts with strategy development and implementation of procedures developed to enhance the student success rates for those participating with accelerated learning initiatives.

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Gerenwood Advisors, LLC is an educational advisory firm that services schools and
districts with their accelerated learning strategy development and overall programmatic
execution. Specifically, we strive to bring a comprehensive approach to supporting Early College High Schools (ECHS) with meeting the various benchmarks within the Outcome-Based Measures through professional development sessions and workshops. Workshops vary from developing MOUs for use with partnering institutions, crafting and developing admission policies for Early College High Schools, and crafting frameworks that assist schools and districts with their overall Early College strategies.



Dr. Jeremy Lane

Dr. Jeremy Lane serves as the Principal Advisor with Gerenwood Advisors, LLC. With over 15 years of professional experience in pre-college programming and undergraduate admissions, he is a lifelong advocate for college access.

Dr. Lane earned an EdD from the University of Houston in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Special Populations. His doctoral research focused on the impact Early College High Schools have on the college readiness rates for students from underrepresented populations. He has led university admission teams and created institutional admission policies ranging from conditional admission review to test-optional admission review.

As a first-generation college graduate, he believes in the effectiveness of college advising and the value of student-centered higher education initiatives. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting museums, watching documentaries, and spending time with his wife and their toddler children.

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Within the Texas Education Code, Sec. 130.008 and Sec. 28.009 Texas Administrative
Code: Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter D, Rules 4.81-4.85 (THECB) and Title 19, Part 2,
Chapter 74, Subchapter C, Rule 74.25 (Texas Education Agency) – allows for students who meet specific pre-requisites the opportunity to take college courses for credit while in high school.

However, students must showcase proficiency on the Texas Success Initiative prior to enrolling in college level courses. Yet, students’ who earned credit earned while in high school must still
meet the admission requirements of a First Time in College student at most Texas Institutions of Higher Education. This requires them to maintain a competitive class rank, standardized test
score, core GPA, and have taken an enhanced course curriculum.

In 2018, nearly 50% of all ECHS graduates enrolled in a Texas Institution of Higher Education (TEA, 2022). College readiness and student success are at the core of what we offer, which is why we also offer 1:1 college advising sessions for families and students along with college planning workshops for churches and other community-based organizations on a limited basis.

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