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Lighting the path in College Planning for High School Students and Administrators

We Provide Insight and Guidance to Your Pursuit to Meeting Increasing College Access Initiatives and Meeting Outcome Based Measures and Successful Benchmarks

Dr. Jeremy Lane (2)

Dr. Jeremy Lane

Founder & Principal Advisor of Gerenwood Advisors

Recruitment Planning

Strategy Implementation

Admission Policies

Workshops We OfferCreation of Vision & Mission Statement for ECHS Development of ECHS Strategy & Implementation of PlanParameters of MOU & Functional Components WithinConcepts around Family Outreach & Engagement Formulation of Open-Access Lottery or Weighted LotteryRecruitment Planning - i.e. Marketing and Community Engagement EffortsDevelopment of Admission Policy & Enrollment Application & Student Confirmation

Gerenwood approaches in Early College High Schools in two areas: ECHS Implementation Support & ECHS Benchmark Support


What We Provide

Early College Implementation & Benchmark Support

Early College Implementation

There are numerous tasks associated with the process of implementing an Early College High School in your district.

Benchmark Support

Once your Early College High School has been established, the campus is required to meet the various benchmarks associated with the Outcomes Based Measures.

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Organizations Served

John West
John West

Collegiate Graduating Senior

I would not be in the position of graduating the college of my dreams if it was not for the foundation set by Dr. Lane and Gerenwood. I am appreciative of all they do and constantly inspires me to look towards the future and be an active part of it!

Catrine Rafaela
Catrine Rafaela

District Director

You don't know what you don't know, but rest assured in the space of excellence in an Early College High School setting, Gerenwood knows! They equipped our staff with the knowledge and data that lit a fire under us to make a difference in the lives of those we serve!

Chazz Bailey
Chazz Bailey

Non-Profit Mentoring Chair

The curriculum Dr. Lane and Gerenwood created for our program focused for Early College High School Students was detailed efficient and easy to follow. Most of all it was effective and provided the data needed for learning enhancements. Gerenwood makes a difference!


What Our Clients Say

The honor of making a difference stretches beyond anything we can think of. Our clients and the people they serve is why we do what we do.

Our Method

Workshop Development Stages

Schedule Initial Consultation

Use our consultation scheduler to schedule a date on the calendar to discuss your needs.

Stage I

Submit Needs Assessment

Provide details of what your organization needs and submit this information while scheduling the consultation.

Stage II

Attend Consultation

Virtual or in-person we will meet to learn about your needs and you can learn more about what Gerenwood offers.

Stage III

Internal Discovery Session

Our advisors will use information from the Needs Assessment and the consultation to tailor your workshop to your needs.

Stage IV

Attend Workshop

At a coordinated time and location our advisors will conduct the curated workshop to help your organization succeed.

Stage V


Who Is This For?

College planning sessions can be customized to demystify the college planning process for families who may need additional support.

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